Age Positively in spite of “outdated stereotypes”

60's or 70's wrinkles and all. Pam and Dixie aging positively
60’s or 70’s wrinkles and all. Pam and Dixie aging positively

The December 27 post written by Pam, talked about her reaction to the “at your age” comment made by her doctor aged 36.  Her observation basically is that “at your age” is a comment made to seniors that fall into the “over the hill.” group.  As she said, there is a new paradigm for today’s seniors.

How to say Senior Citizens in a nice way.

Years ago, my company created a Celebration  Club 55 group of customers who merited special products, special presentations and special pricing.  While deciding on the group’s name intended for those 55 plus, various names like “Gold Group”, Silver Rewards, and, heaven forbid, “Senior Citizens” were all tossed out as too negative and offensive.

I was in my forties when this process took place and that was in the eighties last century.  Now, I’m 73 and have found there are a host of  euphemisms in use now to spare our “old age” feelings. Read on…

Recently my husband had MOHS surgery recommended by the dermatologist.  The procedure resulted in a series of three surgeries to dig a little deeper and remove the offending skin cancer.  Once the doctor began patching up the opening in his forehead the surgeon said it would be fine and look great!

He would hide it in the ‘forehead wrinkles.’  Except he said “the expression lines.” 

During my dermatologist check up, I asked the doctor about several kind of spots and dots on my overly sun- kissed skin.  She answered the spots were simply “mature spots.”  Can you say “age spots?”

While South Florida is the mother-lode of markets for dermatologists, our demographic  pretty much expects “wrinkles” and “age spots.”While we stay active and positive about aging, our outlook doesn’t prevent our skin from showing the years of rich experiences and adventures.

Bottom Line, keepin’ it real.

73 year old still lacing up their sneakers and running the court.Positive aging.
Dixie and husband Rick 73 year old and still lacing up their sneakers and running the court. Positive aging.

We earned those age spots and our wrinkled skin, For those of us who can’t afford or don’t choose to “hike” it back up to a younger looking self, please don’t confuse our outer cover for the inner youth we still aspire to.

I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences.  This blog is designed to promote the “positive aging mantra” that will replace the “outdated stereotypes”

Keep active, keep learning, keep laughing, and as we said in Texas, “Keep on ‘keepin on.”

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