The Healthy Aging Way to Ease into Exercise

Did you know that some studies have shown that simply visualizing yourself exercising can increase the size of your muscles?  Really.  The study in question showed that merely thinking about exercise improved muscle tone by 22% – as opposed to the 30% improvement for the participants who actually lifted the dumbbells.  While I wouldn’t recommend that we just lie down and think about lifting weights, I do aspire to the idea of easing into the joy of exercise a little at a time.  It’s amazing what we can do without joining a gym!

Exercise for Healthy Aging Anywhere!
Exercise for Healthy Aging Anywhere!

Take It Easy but Move it More

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Move It or Lose It: Healthy Aging

My Own Story

Like a lot of Baby-Boomer women of my age, I never really played organized sports as a kid.  Before Title IX, there just weren’t a lot of opportunities for girls, and it was decidedly uncool to be sweaty and red-faced from exertion.  So I tried to avoid it.   I wanted to look like Twiggy (something I never came close to accomplishing), but it never occurred to me that exercise might help me with that.  Suffice it to say that I spent lots of time sitting down.  Dixie was different.  She was a gymnast.

Walking promotes healthy and positive aging!
Walking promotes healthy and positive aging!

Fast-forward a few years.  As a young wife with two small kids, I still spent lots of time sitting down, but now I smoked while I sat.  One day I dropped my car off for a tune-up and was horrified to find that I had trouble walking less than a mile home.  I had to sit down on a neighbor’s stoop to wait out a side-ache!  You’d think that would have made me act, but it didn’t. Continue reading Move It or Lose It: Healthy Aging

Learn new things, Richly Aged Boomers

As ‘Richly Aged’ Baby Boomers learning new things ourselves, we came up with 100+ tips to age positively.  We thought we would share these tips in the form of blogs.  There are probably hundreds more that you who have gone before us and you who will come after us believe enriches the years that make up the ‘third phase.’ Please share those comments with us (once we get the share comments thing hooked to the right thing!)     Strike that!

We figured it out!!

Learning new things isn’t always easy!

Dixie frustrated but learning new things.

Personally, I think that learning how to install and run a self-hosted blog site should count for an A+ in the “learning new things” category. I graduated from University of Texas, Summa cum laud, though it was definitely in the last century.  Still…my little “Beginners Guide to Successful Blogging” by (which is excellent by the way and pretty much ‘connect the dots’) did say on page 23: Continue reading Learn new things, Richly Aged Boomers

Baby Boomers march to their own drumbeats!

Baby Boomers – let’s say you are retired, or semi-retired, or working only because you’ve decided it’s what you want to do instead what you need to do, then comes the question. What are you going to do now? You have forty freed-up hours a week. Following the decompression that comes from leaving a work week filled by others, you might wonder how you will arrange this next phase of your life.

Bany Boomers have always marched to their own beat!
Baby Boomers march to their own drumbeat!

In today’s rapid paced life most opportunities, not directly related to “your career,” are labelled as “back burner.” Sometimes, the back burner never gets revisited, while the front burner gets “burned out.” Now you have the time for all the burners. Continue reading Baby Boomers march to their own drumbeats!

Trim the Cost of your Haircut

I just kept spending more and more on my hair.  The upkeep was killing me.  It started with $30 precision cuts in the 1970s.  That was quite a bit of money back then, but it seemed worth it.  But soon it was highlights ($50 minimum) along with the haircut which now cost $45. Then along came some grey hair, and that demanded a base color first, followed by highlights, followed by the haircut.  Yikes! One day not too long ago (but while I was still working), I walked out of the salon with a lovely cut and color but $275 dollars added to my credit card bill. Continue reading Trim the Cost of your Haircut

Learning New Things in your 90s!

Take a chance and learn to dance! 

I sat at the pool with my nose in a book, but I wasn’t reading.  That was just a ploy.  Really I was eavesdropping – something I love to do – listening in on other people’s conversations.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but I can’t seem to help it, and as vices go, it’s pretty harmless.

That’s when I heard the woman say, “Who would have thought that at the age of 91, I’d meet someone and learn to dance!”  Looking to my right, I saw her standing waist deep at the side of the pool.  She looked 90, but she also looked strong and tall in her brightly colored one-piece suit.  The woman looked happy,  too– smiling not with just her mouth but with her eyes, too.  Happy all over.


Learn new things -Dancing feet are Happy Feet!
Learn new things -Dancing feet are Happy Feet!

I’ve been doing some research on aging.  Some of it is pretty stereotypical stuff about how we fall slowly apart over time.  How our blood pressure goes up and our stamina goes down.  Our hair thins and our waists thicken.  Eventually we go to live with the children and lose our independence.

What does the research  really say?

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