Baby Boomers’ Guide to Happy Retirement

…Positive Tips for Freedom!

Dixie and Pam learning how to create their blog and writing their book                                                                    

Much has been written in anticipation of the 76 million Baby Boomers on the brink of retirement.   Mostly the information offers savings instruments and calculators regarding how to save enough money for retirement.

By this stage of the game, that window is closed.  In comparison, little time is spent figuring out what “life” the next 20-30 years will look like.

Drifting or Planning?

A little self analysis will help to see what appeals, interests, or excites you.  Planning is setting goals or schedules like you have for past vacations. In fact,most folks spend more time planning their vacation than they do their days in retirement.

The big difference?

Vacations usually last two weeks with a finite fourteen days.  While time is always finite, retirement can cover a much longer time period.

That’s why our research has led us to produce a “find the real you” planning book.  This Guide covers many of the areas that past retired persons have identified as areas of concerns. Our 220 page workbook is nearing completion and will be available soon.

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Baby Boomers Guide to Happy Retirement…Positive Tips for Freedom!

Enjoy!  Pam and Dixie