Baby Boomers march to their own drumbeats!

Baby Boomers – let’s say you are retired, or semi-retired, or working only because you’ve decided it’s what you want to do instead what you need to do, then comes the question. What are you going to do now? You have forty freed-up hours a week. Following the decompression that comes from leaving a work week filled by others, you might wonder how you will arrange this next phase of your life.

Bany Boomers have always marched to their own beat!
Baby Boomers march to their own drumbeat!

In today’s rapid paced life most opportunities, not directly related to “your career,” are labelled as “back burner.” Sometimes, the back burner never gets revisited, while the front burner gets “burned out.” Now you have the time for all the burners.

In the words of Cher; ‘the beat goes on.’

Most of us are part of that great demographic, Baby Boomers. Some of us are trailblazers for the group because we were born just before the defined birthday range, 1946-1964,  but we still number among the 76.4 million boomers that loosely include those now aged 50-75 and beyond.

Having said that, you now have the luxury of time, to plan or to be spontaneous with your life.   Either way, this is the time to open the doors to  self-actualization (remember Maslow’s hierarchy chart?) or to paraphrase a current slogan, “be all you can be.”

What does that mean for Boomers?

Simply stated, realize your potential and do what you want.  I prefer to think of it as fulfilling dreams.  Remember the ‘what ifs’ we stored away in our “someday file?” You’ve reached “someday.”

How do Baby Boomers find our personal drumbeat?

Personal drum beat or positive aging, the tips offered here on are designed to show the many  avenues that are available.  The choice is yours.  We invite you to share your experiences.  We know that no one is immune from a “hitch in their get-along” now and then.  We’ve all had them.

What we hope to share is the reminder that you get to choose how you deal with your ‘hitches.’ Richly Aged…and loving life’s  “100 tips for freedom/happiness” results from extensive research about positive aging and finding your new self.

Please stay tuned for more.  Feel free to share your thoughts along the way.

Remember, it’s your drum and you decide what your beat sounds like.



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