Positive Aging: Is Aging a State of Mind?

Did I ever think I would be riding my bike at 73, after two strokes, back surgery and years of Type 1 Diabetes on an insulin pump?       YES!

Here’s an example of Positive Aging:

Many of my neighbors and friends in our 55 plus community comment on how they personally “feel” younger than their age suggests.

I know it’s true for me, 73, as well as for my husband, almost 73.

The question was recently raised, “younger relative to what?”  Personal opinion?

Well, of course!  Only I know whether I feel younger than my parents’ or grandparents’ seemed  at 73.  And my parents were still travelling in their motor home across the country at 73.


Certainly it’s perspective  or attitude which, it turns out, has a lot to do with  how your state of mind influences your life.

The medical field has long sung the praises of a positive attitude concerning healing and coping with adversity.  In an earlier post, I commented on choosing to see the glass as half full.  Attitude is a choice. Positive aging is a choice.

“If you self-define as someone who is old, then you probably act that way.’

My  post title  ” Is aging a state of mind?” is more than personal opinion.  Check out this link if you need further convincing.  Dr. Mercola spells it out pretty clearly.

When positive age stereotypes were strengthened, it led to improvements in physical function that rivaled those achieved by six months of exercise!9 And it’s simply no coincidence that many centenarians mention positive thought and emotional wellness in their advice on how to stay healthy.

Again, why?

To want to feel younger is not vanity.  It’s not trying to grip the past with clinched fingers and gnashing teeth.

What it is for me, and for many of my friends, is fully celebrating the gift of years that we’ve been given.  It’s not tossing in the towel because something hurts or we’re tired or we can’t focus on a new purpose.  It’s choosing a way to enjoy every hour of every day and every breath we take.

The why is ‘why choose the alternative?  Why give up?

What are your feelings about aging?

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4 thoughts on “Positive Aging: Is Aging a State of Mind?”

  1. well tennis season is over. One will travel and the other?
    I am curious as to how you fill this time. M-J said you wondered why I wasn’t following your blog. It was just for lack of time,a couple of visitors for a week apiece. I place a high value on anyone who takes time from their lives and schedules to spend with me. For one, I spend a lot of time feeding them well. But, I thought that concept of value for visiting may be interesting to you both. As usual I wish you both well in your endeavors this blog and maybe a book. I’ve seen a lot,done a lot and now watch M-J on her journey. We are off on another cruise in Nov. Vegas for a daughters 50 birthday and a granddaughter’s wedding in July in Connecticut. Going on 81 I haven’t reached stopped even though it’s on the downside. There is so much in life you can’t plan for so just go with the moment and enjoy who you are with……..

    1. Bob, thanks for tuning in again. We’ve missed you. As you know, many of our friends are in their 70’s and 80’s. When we talk about being older, that’s another 15 years from where we are. Older is kind of an elusive number. When I was younger,I thought my age, 73, was definitely on death’s door. Now, not so much. Until we each believe we’re “older,” in my book, we aren’t. You and M-J have a wonderful life and you enrich ours with your input. Please don’t stop. Each new day is an education as well as a gift. When I was a ‘dyed in the wool Texan’, boots and all, I bought into the saying, “Keep on keeping on.” That goes for you too Bob. We value your contribution!! Your tuning in to our blogs validates our efforts. (Even if your wife’s tennis team beat my team’s butt.)


  2. You were referred to me by Maura Alexander. Your tips are wonderful–Here is mine. I play online scrabble, online solitaire, try new methods of cooking, I nature hike when weather allows. Gather plenty of sticks for my wood stove, walk dogs 3 times a day. I have a wood working shed and make re-purposed items from pallets. Refuse to address myself as “Old” and get a tad upset when others do. At 69, I am Peter Pan–(never grow up, never grow up….)

    1. Mary, thank you so much for visiting richlyaged.com. We recently organized a focus group meeting discussing how to age positively.There are so many great role models for active older adults and it sounds like you are a star player. Check the site today and you will see a photo of Maura at the meeting. Come back often and let us know more about your re-purposed wood projects.
      Spread the word to your friends. Positive aging is a choice.

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