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As ‘Richly Aged’ Baby Boomers learning new things ourselves, we came up with 100+ tips to age positively.  We thought we would share these tips in the form of blogs.  There are probably hundreds more that you who have gone before us and you who will come after us believe enriches the years that make up the ‘third phase.’ Please share those comments with us (once we get the share comments thing hooked to the right thing!)     Strike that!

We figured it out!!

Learning new things isn’t always easy!

Dixie frustrated but learning new things.

Personally, I think that learning how to install and run a self-hosted blog site should count for an A+ in the “learning new things” category. I graduated from University of Texas, Summa cum laud, though it was definitely in the last century.  Still…my little “Beginners Guide to Successful Blogging” by firstsiteguide.com (which is excellent by the way and pretty much ‘connect the dots’) did say on page 23:

“You may be nervous and think you’ll never get it, but you’re wrong.  We had a 73 year old client who didn’t know anything about blogs, publishing her own in no time.  She went from not being able to program a VCR to becoming a blogging expert in her field.  If you follow the steps we provide for you, you’ll see it’s as easy as clicking a button…”

Taking up the “learning new things challenge.”

Okay, game on.  I’ll be 73 in three months. I’ve read the entire guide and watched all the video demos (hi Brad, our new best friend) and made many “help us” phone calls. As a matter, there are two of us, partners in this venture.  My partner, Pam, is smarter than I (hope that’s grammatically correct, she teaches college writing) and we’re scratching our collective heads as we labor over our newest project. We are both experts in our topic, baby boomers aging richly.  Why? As Baby Boomers intent on aging positively and learning new things ourselves, we, along with other Boomers, are our audience.

Our research resulted in a guide of 100 tips for boomers entering into retirement.  In each of our careers we’ve spent time with older active adults seeking new learning experiences. We’ve found that many retirees leaving work are having trouble with the transition from well-defined tasks in a 40 hours work week and suddenly being away from co-workers and in charge of their new freedom. There are 76 million Baby Boomers in our demographic.  The youngest of us are in their fifties.

In conclusion, and in response to the reference above to the 73 years old woman who couldn’t program her VCR, I want to admit that my sixteen year old granddaughter helped me program mine.  She doesn’t have a blog though and she’s pretty busy with school and her first job.  Therefore, I will continue trying to learn new things the hard way.  By trial and error. But we Baby Boomers are tenacious.

Please keep checking back as we bring you tips for positive aging. Our comment box works now.  Yea!

I have to get back to learning new things.  Thanks for stopping by.


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