Retirement 1: Creating a Retirement Life Plan

Okay, so you have this precious new gift.  40-60 hours a week that you haven’t had for the past several years.  How will you fulfill your life?… not your work life, your retired life?  How will you use these 60- minute gifts?

Newly Retired? Take a couple weeks of vacation.

Take a couple of “vacation weeks” and decide.  If you want to sleep for two weeks, do it.  If you want to lay on the beach with your toes in the sand, do it. These hours are YOURS!

After decompression from a workweek filled up by others, decide how to arrange this next very important phase of your life? Your expanded life.  Your freed-up life!

Celebrate the end of ‘Ambition at Work’

 Many people are competitive and want to excel.  They receive recognition for their above-and-beyond efforts. They want to improve and move up for praise, for money, for status. That’s called ambition.

It’s what makes champions. It’s what defines overachievers.  It’s the stuff that makes success. It consumes energy, hours of your life and  energy… so much energy.

Ambition is their addiction. Often times it results in great rewards, but as often it results in unhealthy stress.   You are retired. And now you have choices.

butterfly Fly Free!  You are retired. Free from the daily routine, the early giddy-ups, the stress and the pressure of performing well to other’s expectations.  Your time is all yours.

What will you miss most about work?

Sure, the money is a given.

What else will you miss?  How about the routine of knowing what is on the agenda for the day?  Or the next month, the next years?  The stuff you didn’t finish yesterday.  The deadline for the third project stacked on your desk?

Or better yet, let’s say it’s Sunday and you have that “do I have my homework done” feeling before returning to Monday’s task list?

Here’s an opportunity to visualize the things you will miss versus the things you will be so happy not to deal with…ever again. Take a few moments while it’s on your mind and record your thoughts on what you will miss from work and what you will relish walking away from.

List under two column headings:

  1. I will miss this.. (e.g.)Money, Health coverage, positive feedback, co-worker etc.)
  2. Yes! It’s over…(e.g.commuting, negative feedback, stress, deadlines etc,)

After doing this, realize that the Yes! It’s over column is just that…over. You don’t need to engage  in activities that promote those feelings again.

In the next chapter/post we’ll examine new activities that will replace the I will miss this column by researching new opportunities that satisfy those desires.

Beginning a new life plan.

butterfly  “I ask only to be free.  Butterflies are free”…Charles Dickens

Even if you are already retired but not in your happy place, this will help.

This is an exciting time. A new beginning.  You may want to grab a Journal for these self-discovery questions as a foundation for your positive retirement plan.




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