Retirement 13: Explore, Dream New Adventures


 Time to explore new adventures.

So far in this, Baby Boomer’s Guide to a Happy Retirement, you’ve been encouraged to replace old “work think” with new “retirement think.”

Fill your own bucket with your Dreams and Goals.

You’ve also been encouraged to “drill deep down inside” and release those forgotten seeds of your visions for the grown up you. Now you are being asked to push the edge of your experience and knowledge levels and try new opportunities.

This chapter is designed to plant those very seeds that will take you from spectator to participant.    Let’s see if we can pique your interest in some long forgotten adventures.

A “bucket list” is about dreams or goals.

Sometimes, when we steal a few moments to reflect, we might have a tiny tinge of remorse – for the undone or the unaccomplished during our determined mission of always paying the bills and caring for the family.  These regrets might be about the things you once imagined in your life or hoped for in your future but learned to live without.

Can you conjure up those passed-over thoughts now that you are in this wonderful new phase of your life?  Are they, or a version of them, now obtainable?  Is it possible or even probable that you can realize those filed-away dreams?

The recent movie “The Bucket List” capitalized on the idea of the dreamed for and not yet attained.  Its popularity has been nurtured with the current Baby Boomers coming of age and exploding  demographically.

Two of my husband and my dreams and goals were:

  1. Buy a floating home (not a houseboat- they have motors) and live on a river in the Northwest.

    Dream of living in a floating home. Ours on the Columbia River.
  2. Full time in a motor home for a couple of years while travelling our nation.

    Our full time motor home for 18 months dream

 Define Dreams and Goals?

When we talk about dreams and goals we aren’t talking about daydreams or wishful thinking. These are highly desirable goals and possibly attainable.  They are possible realities that we intend to work towards and are determined to have… accountable goals.

How do I reach those goals?

There are three steps below as outlined on the website Advanced Life Skills that are important before you begin listing you goal/dreams for retirement.

  1. Total Clarity:  Clearly define exactly what your dreams or goals are.  Be very specific.  Write a detailed description of exactly what it looks like and what it feels like to you.
  2. Take Action:  Now that you can see and feel your goals/dreams with clarity, identify steps to move toward them. Make an action plan for you to take daily to close the gap between you and your goal/dream.
  3. Attract your dreams to you:  Research your dreams, build it virtually around you with photos, articles, testimonials, so that you proactively have answers and contingencies for all your possible stumbling blocks to achieving your dream.

As mentioned in my November 2, 2016 post, Health: a reason for Retirement, one of the goals that my husband and I discussed was to live in a floating home (remember Sleepless in Seattle?) on the Columbia River;  also to live in an RV full time and travel our country for a year or two.

We were able to achieve both of these dreams/goals after both children were through college and married.

Clarifying those goals and researching them and their ramifications kept inching us closer to realizing them…and then they became our own adventures.

NOW is the time to recreate  those desires.  This list will kindle your passions, stir your soul and keep you looking forward to the possibilities of tomorrow.

 What’s your next Step?  

Homework:  Make a list of your goals/dreams.  Then write them each again with the three steps listed above.  Add these ideas to your Retirement Plan. Act on them when the time is right for you.

Does that sound like a good start??  Let us hear from you with suggestions and comments.



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