Retirement 3: 20 Terrific Part Time Jobs

You might be counting down the days to retirement.  I know I was, but I always knew that I’d want to do some kind of work when my “career” came to an end.

Work part time in retirement?

You don’t have to rush into it.  Take some time to bask in the joy of ignoring the alarm clock.  Remember when you were a kid and the early days of June heralded the long and wonderful summer ahead?  That’s how the start of retirement is.  The world opens up before you with endless possibilities.

But if you decide you want to work, how do you get started?  You might want to make a list of all the things you’ve been interested in doing over the years.  Maybe you want to remain in the field where you’ve worked, or maybe you’d like to branch out and try something completely new.

Getting Started!

You may be able to turn your current skill-set into a consulting job or a part-time teaching position, either on-line or in a classroom.  If that’s what you want to do, then finding part time work in those field might be easier while you still have your career position and contacts.  Dixie worked for several years as a marketing consultant when she retired, and I’m still teaching online.  It’s wonderful to get up and work in your pajamas.

If that isn’t feasible and you want to try something you’ve never done like flower arranging or working at the golf course, then a time lapse after retirement shouldn’t hurt your choices.  Go for it. It should be fun.

“According to US News, 60% of workers over sixty look for a job in retirement.”

Run these ideas through your brain!

  • Stay where you are but work only two or three days a week.
  • Seek out a non-profit with a mission that calls out to you. Non-profits love to hire part time workers – no benefits to pay, but then we don’t need them.  Everyone is happy!
  • Become a bartender. It’s not too difficult to qualify.  It’s very social, and the tips are pretty good.
  • Consider seasonal work. Retail, of course, comes to mind.  My mother-in-law was the proud leading salesperson at Penney’s for several Christmases.  Love to cook?  How about Whole Foods?  If you love wine, how about a wine shop?  Professional or semi-pro sports teams often hire seasonal workers. For a sports lover, it’s the perfect job.  If you love kids, work in a school or a pre-school.  If you like bookkeeping, do seasonal tax work.
  • Become an entrepreneur, but don’t spend your retirement money to set up a business. Use a skill you already have.  We know a man who’s made great money fixing computers.  You could be a tutor or a nanny.

But wait . . . there are more possibilities!

  • One constant opportunity for part-time work is in a retirement community. We have friends with a window-washing business.  They wash windows three days a week.  They play tennis and golf the other four days.  People need handymen, tile layers, gardeners, seamstresses – even people to put Christmas lights up and take them down.
  • Become a driver. Start a limo service to the airport.  Drive for Uber.  Drive a school bus.
  • Become a personal assistant.
  • I play tennis with a woman whose husband works part time on a cruise ship. He’s an entertainer, but they also hire people to teach bridge or give lectures.  Now that’s an exotic part time job!
  • Make and sell your crafts. If you’re a real crafter, you’re probably going to make them anyhow.
  • Pass out samples for grocery stores or big box stores. Did you know that the median wage for that job is $12.19 an hour? Not bad!

The sky is the limit. Try listing the jobs you thought might be fun over the past few years. Write your thoughts in your notebook and add them to your positive retirement plan started in chapters Retirement 1:  and Retirement 2.

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