Healthy Aging equals Exercise Wake up Call!

Healthy Aging equals Exercise Wake Up Call!

Pam’s October 3rd post “The Healthy Aging Way to ease into Exercise” and her September 30th post, “Move it or Lose it” mentioned “Dixie was a gymnast.”  That’s true but certainly not by today’s standards.

In 1961 at Clairemont High School we had a gymnastic team that competed with other high school girls and boys around the area.  None of our schools had ‘uneven parallel bars’ at the time but we had mats, a balance beam, and a “horse/vault. It was fun and competitive and great exercise.  Kudos to Southern California for encouraging sports for both genders ahead of the rest of the nation.

As you can see by these ribbons, I didn’t set any world records (but this was before everyone who showed up got a ribbon.)

Exercising early in life influences exercise as adults.


Exercise in High School gymnastic competition.
Exercise in High School gymnastic competition.

Anyway, that started me thinking about my childhood exercise activities leading up to High School. My parents were physically active.  Dad played football in high school and mom was a “tumbler” and earned a letter “T” to show for it.  They remained ‘active’ throughout their lives.

My early school years were in Southern Indiana, followed by a year stint in Seattle, Washington. From there, in 1956, we moved to the Denver, Colorado area for my middle school years. Then we moved to San Diego in 1959 for high school.  All of these locations found us trying some sport or exercise relevant to the area. Continue reading Healthy Aging equals Exercise Wake up Call!

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Pam Mangene and Dixie Shaw are two friends who met over forty years ago.  Our paths crossed on our way to a newcomer function in Dallas, Texas in the early 1970s when our children were toddlers.  Now, their children are in high school.

Though we’ve lived on opposite ends of  our nation and our world, we’ve always managed to visit each other, travel together and keep close track of our children, grandchildren and husbands.  We’ve collaborated about many opportunities over the years as our separate careers took us down different paths and now have established a place to share observations on those various stages of life.

More information is available about our backgrounds on later pages but for now, let’s get started.  We would love to hear from you and about your Richly Aged years.

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