Five Fabulous Ways to Improve Your Memory and Have Fun Doing It!

In my last post about healthy aging, we explored some basic ways to protect the brain.  I promised in that post to provide some additional fun and effective ideas to improve memory for now and in the future.  Here’s a list that can easily be incorporated into daily life.  Choose one or two or go for all of them.

How to Improve Your Memory

You’ll love video games, and so will your brain!
  1. Challenge your brain.  You can read or do crosswords or watch football or play cards or brain games.  Any or all of these are good.  Make it even more effective by doing something new.  If you’ve done crosswords forever, try learning to play video games.  They’re not just for kids. Lots of research shows that the brain loves learning something novel.

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New Year’s Revolution: Part Two – Being Authentic

In search of ourselves

Last week I decided to give up New Year’s resolutions in favor of a New Year’s REVOLUTION – a new and positive way of looking at aging.  Part Two of this revolution is the decision to live the rest of my life in an authentic way.  I want my life on the outside to reflect the person I am on the inside.

Find out who you want to be and be it!
Find out who you want to be and be it!

Well, that shouldn’t be too difficult, considering that I’ve been this person for a long time now.  I should have it down.  I should be perfectly authentic.  But, the fact is, like a lot of women my age, (and men, too) it’s not so easy to find that person.  I’ve been busy, and I’m sure you have too, being the good wife, the good mother, the good employee, the good friend, the good committee member, etc., etc.  You get the picture.  Sometimes the real “us” gets lost in the roles we fulfill.

Becoming more who we are

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70th Birthday Celebration: Positive Aging

So tonight I attended another Happy 70th Birthday party for a male friend in our retirement neighborhood. Five days before Christmas 2016 and someone else is joining my exclusive club which requires 70+ years. The club of positive aging.

Celebrating age 70+ is positive aging.Rick & Dixie
Celebrating age 70+ is positive aging. Rick & Dixie enjoying the party.


When you live in a 55+ community of retired active adults, everyone is young. Young at heart, young in perspective, young in activity levels. We are surrounded by retirees a little older, a little younger or the same chronological age.

Most of these 50+ party attendees are on competitive tennis teams in our area.  The rest are involved in golf, bicycling, computer classes, choir, swimming, boccie and a myriad of other activities.  The point is, this party was to celebrate aging happily; with camaraderie, laughter with friends, good food and drinks.


Inevitable aging doesn’t have to be a sad or lonely decline.


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Learn new things, Richly Aged Boomers

As ‘Richly Aged’ Baby Boomers learning new things ourselves, we came up with 100+ tips to age positively.  We thought we would share these tips in the form of blogs.  There are probably hundreds more that you who have gone before us and you who will come after us believe enriches the years that make up the ‘third phase.’ Please share those comments with us (once we get the share comments thing hooked to the right thing!)     Strike that!

We figured it out!!

Learning new things isn’t always easy!

Dixie frustrated but learning new things.

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Trim the Cost of your Haircut

I just kept spending more and more on my hair.  The upkeep was killing me.  It started with $30 precision cuts in the 1970s.  That was quite a bit of money back then, but it seemed worth it.  But soon it was highlights ($50 minimum) along with the haircut which now cost $45. Then along came some grey hair, and that demanded a base color first, followed by highlights, followed by the haircut.  Yikes! One day not too long ago (but while I was still working), I walked out of the salon with a lovely cut and color but $275 dollars added to my credit card bill. Continue reading Trim the Cost of your Haircut

Learning New Things in your 90s!

Take a chance and learn to dance! 

I sat at the pool with my nose in a book, but I wasn’t reading.  That was just a ploy.  Really I was eavesdropping – something I love to do – listening in on other people’s conversations.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but I can’t seem to help it, and as vices go, it’s pretty harmless.

That’s when I heard the woman say, “Who would have thought that at the age of 91, I’d meet someone and learn to dance!”  Looking to my right, I saw her standing waist deep at the side of the pool.  She looked 90, but she also looked strong and tall in her brightly colored one-piece suit.  The woman looked happy,  too– smiling not with just her mouth but with her eyes, too.  Happy all over.


Learn new things -Dancing feet are Happy Feet!
Learn new things -Dancing feet are Happy Feet!

I’ve been doing some research on aging.  Some of it is pretty stereotypical stuff about how we fall slowly apart over time.  How our blood pressure goes up and our stamina goes down.  Our hair thins and our waists thicken.  Eventually we go to live with the children and lose our independence.

What does the research  really say?

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