About us and Blogging our Book

Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

Pam and Dixie get inspired by Nina Amir’s book How to Blog a Book.

Pam Mangene and Dixie Shaw are two friends who met over forty years ago.  Our paths crossed on our way to a newcomer function in Dallas, Texas in the early 1970s when our children were toddlers.  Now, their children are in high school.

Pamela Mangene is currently an online college English instructor and Dixie Shaw is a retired Marketing Director.

We had the idea to write a book but the more we researched the idea we realized we needed a “platform.”  Platform research convinced us to blog our book.  Hence, Nina Amir’s “How to Blog a Book” consumption.

We started our blog, richlyaged.com in September, 2016. This exercise was totally self-taught and trial and error…emphasis on the error.  Next we began blogging our book, Baby Boomers’ Guide to Happy Retirement, Positive Tips for Freedom in 2017.

We are posting “retirement chapters”every four days.

This Guide covers many of the areas that past retired persons have identified as areas of concerns. Our 220 page workbook is nearing completion and will be available soon.

Dixie and Pam blogging their book.

Grab a notebook and follow along in our guide book while you map out the rest of your happily positive retirement life.


Dixie & Pam